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MV Orna Being Used as Pirate Mothership
MV Orna
MV Orna
The Panama flagged MV Orna is currently being used as a pirate mothership and was reported in position 06 09 North 050 33 East at course 072 / 7 knots, according to Kenyan navy officials who spoke to Somalia Report.

The MV Orna and her 25 crew members were seized by Somali pirates on December 20, 2010 operating from two skiffs. Pirates fired small arms and rocket-propelled grenades at the vessel in an effort to hijack it.

NATO reported that the ship was boarded by at least four heavily armed pirates about 400 nautical miles northeast of the Seychelles while underway to Indian from Durban, South Africa laden with 26,500 tons of coal.

The MV ORNA is a bulk cargo vessel with a dead weight of 27,915 tones, owned by the United Arab Emirates based Sirago Ship Management and she is managed by Swedish Management Company of Dubai.

Her crew members are comprised of 18 Syrians and one Sri Lankan.

Currently Somali pirates are holding 518 hostages. Of those, 495 are crew members of 22 hijacked ocean-going vessels while 23 hostages are former crew members or passengers of CHOIZIL, ING, LEOPARD and ASPHALT VENTURE.