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Al-Shabaab Takes Control of Dhusamareb
ASWJ Says Their Retreat is a Tactic
Al-Shabaab took control of Dhusamareb town in Galgudud on Saturday after the insurgents launch an attack on Ahlu Sunna wal Jamaa (ASWJ) forces.

Latest reports from residents in Dhusamareb indicate that al-Shabaab fighters were seen inside the town and ASWJ forces retreated from the town to the outskirts of Dhusamareb to regroup.

“We are concerned and fighting is imminent tonight as many residents fled so far for safety," Abdulahi Mohamud, a resident in Dhusamareb, told Somalia Report.

Abirahman Ali, ASWJ military commander in Galgudud, told Somalia Report that their retreat was a military tactic.

“The situation is tense and there is a lot of confusion as they fight with heavy military equipment,“ Abdulahi said.

Analysts recently warned that al-Shabaab could be ready to profit from divisions within ASWJ, which have weakened the group's fighting capability.