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Al Shabaab Amputates Hands, Feet In Jowhar
Victims Not Allowed To Deny Charges Of Robbery
By MOHAMED AHMED 04/12/2011
Somalia’s insurgent group Al Shabaab carried out double amputations on three men for allegedly stealing people’s property in southern middle Shabelle district of Jowhar.

Eyewitnesses who spoke to the Somalia Report said the men, Hassan Siyad Mohamud (23), Hassan Moalim Farey (18), and Abdullahi Bakat Farah (31), each hand a hand and foot cut off after being convicted by Al Shabaab Sharia district judge in Jowhar.

Thousands of residents, including women and children, gathered at the Jowhar football pitch to witness the punishment.

Al Shabaab Judge Sh Abdirahman read the case of each man in front of the crowd as Al Shabaab marksmen with AK47 rifles and large knifes were standing by awaiting permission to begin the brutal sentencing.

"In the name of Allah, the power in this universe I am revealing that all these men whom you are witnessing on the spot have all admitted to have been robbers so the Sharia law sentenced them to amputation trail. Allahu Akbar, Allah is great," said the judge.

The crowd was screaming with fear as permission was given to proceed. The victims cried and screamed for help and were forced to watch as their hands and feet were cut off, according to an eyewitness.

A local journalist in Jowhar who spoke to Somalia Report on the condition of anonymity today said that neither of the men were allowed to confirm or deny the case. "It was a ruling of no appeal. What I can tell you is that even one of the men’s family was arguing that he was was a shepherd and has never been a robber," the journalist said.

Qadra Gafow, a local resident in Jowhar, told Somalia Report that she couldn’t stop her tears when the youngest of the men was carried away for help in severe pain. "It was awful human being suffering. Why not kill them with bullet instead of such suffering?" she wondered.

Amputations, executions, assassinations and floggings had been widespread in the Al Shabaab held southern and central regions. More than 30 amputations have been conducted by the group, resulting in over 30 victims since 2009. Most of the amputations occurred in Kismayo, a southern port town, followed by the Al Shabaab strongholds of Baydhabo, Jowhar, Marka, Addado and Mogadishu.

Human rights groups, the Transitional Federal Government, and local intellectuals have all condemned what they called the unlawful amputations by Al Shabaab.

"It is not something allowed in the Sharia law at this moment. There is only an Islamic government that can fulfill an amputation ruling in the Sharia law," Sheikh Hamud Moallim a preacher on Islamic studies at Daru Imam mosque in Mogadishu, told Somalia Report.