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Sheik Abulkadir Nur Blames Pirates For Drought
Puntland Leaders Say Drought Is Punishment For Immoral Lifestyles
By SAID ISMAIL 03/27/2011
Sheik Abdulkadir Nur

The religious leaders from Nugal region, community organizers and government officials held a press conference on Saturday in the capital city of the Puntland, Garowe, aimed at tackling the prolonged drought and piracy in Somalia.

Speaking at the press conference, Sheikh Abdulkadir Nur Farah (photo), one of the most respected religious scholars in Puntland, blamed the drought on the ‘illegal acts’ of piracy and on the youth for not living according to Islamic teachings. He proclaimed that their actions caused the drought as “a punishment from Allah.”

Sheikh Abulkadir urged the audience to pray more, “These crises are felt in every corner of the Somali inherited areas. The people should gather and make mass prayers for rain and it must be doubled.”

He warned the youth to stay away from piracy, “We need to warn the youth not to involve in piracy, and we tell the business people not to sell their goods to the pirates."

Minister of Women's Affairs

Aisha Gelle (photo), Puntland Minister of Women and Family Affairs, agreed on his speech and insisted that the government of Puntland will do all it can to help the drought-hit families. She also strongly condemned the piracy and urged the youth not to be lured into the pirate's life.

The conference was organized by religious leaders together with Puntland officials after mass prayers for rain were held across many cities and towns in Puntland.