Street FIGHT:Conflict
22 Killed In Mogadishu Fighting
Clashes in Hodan, H/wadaq and Bondhere Neighborhoods
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Civilians Killed In Mogadishu
©Somalia Report
Civilians Killed In Mogadishu

More than 22 people, mainly civilians have been killed and over 33 others injured in clashes that rocked Mogadishu.

In the capital, clashes rocked northern Hodan, H/wadaq and Bondhere neighborhoods where over 22 people, mostly civilians were killed and over 33 others injured. Rebel fighters engaged government forces (backed by African Union troops) in intense fighting.

Witness told Somalia Report that several mortars and heavy gunfire exchanged by the two sides devastated residential areas, claiming the lives of more than 12 civilians. Nine combatants were also killed in the violence.

General Abdikarim Yusuf Adan alias Dhagabadan, Somali's military chief, said his forces pushed Al-Shabaab militants from new areas in Mogadishu. The General said his forces attacked positions of Al Shabaab militants and chased them from areas near Bakara market, an insurgent stronghold.

“We have captured many positions around Hodan district in this latest advances, we also killed several Al Shabaab militants, he said.”

Paramedics say the death toll is expected to rise as fighting is still continuing in the frontlines. “In general, our ambulance staff collected 33 wounded civilians and intense fighting is still going on in many parts,” Abdullahi Aden told Somali Report.

The remaining residents, including those living in IDP camps in largely deserted areas of Hodan have begun fleeing their homes to the safety.