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Brit Arrested At Mogadishu Airport
Government Claims Al-Qaeda Links
By RASHID NUUNE 03/27/2012
Briton Clive Dennis
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Briton Clive Dennis

On Tuesday, Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) officials arrested a British citizen at Mogadishu's Aden Adde International Airport. The detainee, a British citizen born in Jamaica identified as Clive Dennis, 45, was taken in for questioning when he was unable to produce a visa.

When questioned by officials, Dennis explained that he was in the country to "help Islam," according to TFG spokesman Abdirahman Omar Osman Yarisow.

Dennis is suspected of having links to al-Qaeda, according to Yarisow, although it is unlikely that an al-Qaeda militant would choose to enter the country in such a manner.

Police asserted to Somalia Report that Dennis was carrying drugs as well as a variety of knives. Upon questioning, Dennis told the police that he had come to Somalia to live in Kismayo, where he hoped to live a 'stress-free' life.

The TFG has stated that their investigation into the matter is ongoing. Somalia Report will continue to monitor developments.