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Anti-Mahiga Meeting Held in Mogadishu
Protest Planned For Friday
By AWEYS CADDE 03/14/2012
Pres Sharif and UN Envoy Mahiga
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Pres Sharif and UN Envoy Mahiga

A meeting attended by the different sectors of the Somali community, including elders, women, Members of Parliament (MPs) and religious leaders, which was against the head of United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) Augustine Mahiga, took place in Mogadishu late on Tuesday.

The religious leaders who organized this meeting urged the international community and United Nations (UN) to replace Mahiga with someone more appropriate for Somali politics, since “he is not working in the interest of Somali people.”

The chairman of Somali Scholars Union Sheikh Ahmed Dicisow, accused Mahiga of being against the interest of the Somalia people adding that they don’t know where he is leading Somalia since he has already created misunderstanding among Somalis.

“We are urging the Somali government, International community and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to replace that man and oust him from the country. He is not the right person to solve the conflict of our people,” said Sheikh Ahmed Dicisow.

Sheikh Ahmed declared that a huge demonstration is to be held on Friday which at least a million people will attend to exhibit the disapproval and lack of faith by the Somali people in Augustine Mahiga.

Abdirahman Jama who is one of Somalia’s MPs said that Mahiga has caused problems all over the country and alleged that he has lied about the Somali Parliament as well as some of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) leaders whose reputations he has severely dented.

The Vice Chairlady of the Somalia Women Association Anab Hassan Elmi, stated that they have already seen the danger posed by Mahiga who is against the freedom of the country.

Dr Augustine Mahiga who recently spoke to Somalia Report stated that the TFG is in the hands of individuals and that there are specific individuals who are against the roadmap and due conclusion of the interim government.

The demonstration which is supposed to be the first in expressing disapproval for the UN special envoy will be carried out on Friday. It was at the end of January 2012 when Dr Augustine Mahiga moved his office from Nairobi to Mogadishu permanently. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who visited Mogadishu stated that three UN political offices would be moved to Somalia in entirety.