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Former PM Farmajo Forms New Political Party
New Party Seeks to Participate in August Elections
By AWEYS CADDE 03/05/2012
Former Somali Prime Minister Farmajo
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Former Somali Prime Minister Farmajo

Former Somali Prime Minister Mohammed Abdullah Mohamed Farmajo, along with members of his former cabinet, established a new political party, Tayo (quality), named for the type of governance his administration was known for across the country.

During his time in office from November 1, 2010 to June 19, 2011, Mr. Farmajo was credited with ensuring soldiers were paid on time and tackling rampant corruption that wracked the country.

“We will very soon announce the political party we formed. The party main agenda is how to restore justice in Somalia, for our children to realize they have a country and people, and how to get Somali refugees around the world and in the country to rebuild their country again," said Mr. Farmajo during a press conference in the Netherlands.

He also urged the current leaders to focus on the Somalia people, rather than securing their own power.

“If the current prime minister and the president continue to disagree, then there is nothing that can be accomplished. It is as if the two leaders are working for each other and not the people of Somalia. Since both leaders disagree on how to lead the country, each one believes his the overall authority and his decision should prevail," said Mr. Farmajo.

"If the decision could have been taken to the people and the people choose the right leader, then we will head for the moon,” he added.

Farmajo was forced to step down after President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Parliamentary Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and the UN special envoy to Somalia, Augustine P Mahiga, all signed the Kampala Accord, which was aimed at ending an impasse over whether elections should be held last year or this year. The speaker withdrew his opposition to an election delay in return for Farmajo’s resignation and a promise he would have key allies on the new cabinet.

During Farmajo’s term as PM, he attracted the support and confidence of the Somalia people, sparking violent demonstrations when he resigned.

Since Farmajo, an employee of the New York Department of Transportation resigned, he has been hustling the globe to drum up support for this new party by visiting countries including Sweden, Holland, the US, and the UK.

Sources close to the new party told Somalia Report that Farmajo is preparing to run for the presidency, which is expected to take place in August of this year.

Dr. Omar Ahmed, a Somali academic and politician based in Mogadishu, believes that if the presidential election takes place in fair and transparent way, then Farmajo can win.

“Most of the civilians of Somalia and most of the members of the parliament are supporting him. The Somali leaders and international community know the reputation he has from Somalia so it’s clear he will win the election if the takes place legally,” he said.

“But the problem is that international community wants to choose a leader who is going to cooperate with them. The only person that will win is; therefore, that is the only major doubt I have about him winning the election,” Dr. Omar added.

Born in Mogadishu in 1962, Mr. Farmajo spent much of his life in the US, earning his American citizenship and serving as the Somali ambassador to the US from 1985 to 1988.