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Civilian Accused of Shabaab Ties Shot in Baidoa
TFG Accuse Ma'alin Haruur of Killing 2 TFG Commanders, Family Claims Innocence
By SUCAAD MIRE 02/28/2012
Downtown Baidoa
Downtown Baidoa
Transitional Federal Government (TFG) soldiers shot dead a civilian accused of ties to al-Shabaab in Baidoa in the Bay Region, according to a TFG spokesman.

"We will continue executing al-Shabaab members in the Bay region. I am sure he was an al-Shabaab member, because he killed two TFG commanders in Wajid," said a TFG spokesman in Bay region.

Mohamed Ma'alin Haruur, an engineer and well-known in the Bay and Bakool regions was shot near a Baidoa checkpiont while he was heading to Wajid for family reasons, according to a close friends who spoke to Somalia Report on condition of anonymity. "He was heading to Wajid to meet his mother, but he wasn't able to say goodbye to her. Mohamed was a great friend and he had no ties to al-Shabaab. He was an easygoing religious man," he said.

Ahmed Haruur, an uncle of Ma'alin, was shocked and angered over his nephew's death. “Shooting somebody without evidence, it is really shocking. I am very disappointed and sad how our government treat us. They even denied our rights as Mohamed's family members to bury his body, shocking and disappionting really," he told Somalia Report.

Many residents have expressed their disappointment over what they see as the government's unreasonable actions. “Why didn't they present evidence, then have a public execution, then we would have a reason to believe them," said Sharif Abdirahman, a local activist.

Another resident in Baidoa, who gave as his name only Mukhtar, said, “They should learn the procedure and what it means to serve as security forces, but how can they know? If they don't even know how to read and write, our government forces are ignorance wearing a uniform. Al-Shabaab at least gave reasons for killing someone, even if it they were ridiculous."

This is the first time TFG forces shot a civilian in Baidoa and accused him of ties to al-Shabaab.