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Pirates Hijack Charcoal Vessel
UAE-Owned Boat To Be Used As Mother Ship
By JD 02/20/2012
Sources have confirmed that Somali pirates hijacked the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-owned MV Savina-Fahad earlier this week. According to a Somali businessmen in Dubai, who spoke to Somalia Report on the condition of anonymity, the boat was seized in the Indian Ocean while en route From Kismayo to the UAE, transporting a cargo of charcoal.

“I don’t know exactly how many crew members there are, but they are more than 10, mostly from Pakistan,” said the businessman.

A pirate source located in the Harardhere area also confirmed that his colleagues had hijacked a vessel owned by an Emirati company. He added that the hijackers did not plan to ransom the vessel, but use it as a mother ship.

"When they hijack a boat carrying livestock or charcoal like this one, it’s difficult to hold it for ransom. They will use that boat as a mother ship and release it after they hijack a new vessel,” said the pirate source.

The use of far-ranging mother ships has been a key pirate tactic designed to evade the international navies patrolling the Somali coast. Using mother ships, pirates have struck more than 1,500 kilometers into the Indian Ocean.

On December 18, pirates hijacked a similar vessel carrying charcoal from Kismayo to the UAE, with a crew comprised of 12 Indian nationals and two Somalis.