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New Political Party Formed to Counter Sharif
3 Parties Unite to Form Daljir, Plan to Participate in August Elections
By AWEYS CADDE 02/14/2012
Dahir Mohamud Gelle, Chairman of Daljir Party
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Dahir Mohamud Gelle, Chairman of Daljir Party

The three largest Islamic political parties in the Somalia, al-Ictisaam, al-Islah and Ala-Sheikh, united to form a new party, Daljir, which will take part in the presidential election in August of this year with the intention of countering the power of Sheikh Sharif, the president of Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG).

Sources close to al-Ictisaam confided to Somalia Report that 70 members of the three groups, which are mainly made up of former government officials who are now vying to regain power in the TFG, met on Monday to elect a leader and representatives.

During yesterday's meeting, the members elected the former minister of information, Sheikh Dahir Mahamumd Gelle of the al-Icisaam movement, as the chairman of the new party. The former minister of religion of the Farmajo government, Abdulahi Abyan Nur from the Islaah movement, was elected to be the deputy chairman while the former minister of communication, post and information, Abdikarim Hassan Jama from the Ala-Sheikh movement, was elected as general secretary of the new Daljir party.

The prominent members of the new party are the former deputy prime minister, Hassan Ma’alin, MP Sheikh Bashir Adow, former religion minister, Mahamud Abdi Ibrahim Garweyne, former minister of defense, Abdi Mohamed Abtidoon, former minister of justice and Abdirahman Janaqow.

Some of these members are close friends of Sheikh Shariif and worked closely with him during the time of the Islamic Courts Union, but now are trying to change the political direction of the country.

The announcement of this movement came after the group decided to formally oppose Sheikh Shariif and former speaker Sharif Hassan, who still believes he is speaker despite being fired in December.

But what remains unclear is that how will these three movements, which have different religious interpretations, will work with each other to benefit Somalia. What is clear, however, is that this party puts President Sharif's political ambitions in jeopardy since they are the very people who supported him to win the presidential seat. Also clear is that the new party is united against al-Shabaab and vows to fight the Islamic military group battling for control of Somalia.

The party is expected to officially announce the establishment of Daljir within the next few days.

Other reports indicate that yet another party will soon be announced by some of the former leaders of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), which is expected to be headed by Sheikh Abdiqadir Ali Umar, the former minister of internal affairs.

Correction of prior publication

The former international relations minister, Abdirahman Abdishakur is not a founder of Daljir party or a member of the said party.

SR regrets the error and we convey our apologies to the minister.