Piracy REPORT:
Michael Scott Moore Moved to Hareeri Farah
Pirates Demand $8 Million Ransom
By JD 01/28/2012
Michael Scott Moore

According to a pirate source close to the kidnappers of American journalist Michael Scott Moore, he was moved on Saturday from Hinlabi village near Cadado district to Hareeri Farah, 60km from Harardhere. The pirate sources told Somalia Report that the move was a tactic to protect their lives and the hostage.

Sources added that pirates moved the hostage with armed escorts. “There are a large number of pirates using more than three Land Cruisers. They have been under pressure from Galmudug state, elders and another pirate from Saleeban clan as well as American forces,” said the pirate.

The village of Hareeri Farah, east of Xinlabi, has only five houses but is well-known for a well which is common to the pastoral people of the area.

Ransom Demand

The pirate kidnappers have been discussing their proposed ransom demands over the last three days before they went to the Hareeri Farah area and will now demand an $8 million ransom, according according to the pirate source who spoke with Somalia Report. “The pirates were arguing for the last three days. some of them wanted to demand $10 million, a few argued for more than $10 million. Finally, they agreed late today to demand $8 million, and it was after they took this decision that they left Hareeri Farah.“

Galmudug President Mohamed Ahmed Alin spoke to Somalia Report tonight and vowed his government won’t use military force to release the American hostage, reversing earlier comments. “We don’t know what they are demanding. We have heard various amounts from residents as demands, but I can tell you that we are not planning a military operation to rescue the hostage. We don’t have enough power to act independently and are afraid to hurt the hostage. We don’t want to put the journalist in danger,” said President Alin.