Piracy REPORT:
More Pirates Brought to Guard American
Pirates Demand $8-$12M for Michael Scott Moore
By JD 01/28/2012
Michael Scott Moore
UPDATE: Pirate sources claim the ransom demands are between $8-10 million.

The pirate gang holding Michael Scott Moore, the American journalist kidnapped a week ago, have boosted the numbers of pirates guarding their hostage in anticipation of an attack from a group of pirates from the Saleeban clan, who are plotting to kill the journalist in revenge for the US military attack that resulted in the death of eight of their pirate comrades.

“Ali Duulaaye and his group brought in a number of armed pirates from their Sa'ad clan, as they are fearful that another groups of pirates from the Saleeban clan are planning to attack the American hostage. They want revenge for the US rescue operation that left eight pirates dead,” a pirate based in Harardhere told Somalia Report early on Saturday.

Somalia Report has learned that two cars loaded with armed pirates from the Sa’ad clan joined this group, following their fears of an attack from members of the Saleban clan, as well as from American and Galmudug forces.

“I don’t know the exact number of armed pirates who arrived in Hinlabi to support Ali Duulaaye’s group, but he is doing all he can to protect his asset so he receives a ransom," said the pirate.

“Ali Duulaaye is afraid of more attacks, a threat emanating from Galmudug law enforcement, Americans, and pirates from Saleeban clan who have vowed that they will take revenge for their friends killed by the Americans,” said the pirate in Harardhere.

The eight pirates who died are from the Saleebaan clan and the pirates holding the American writer are from the Sa’ad clan. Their negotiator, Mohamed Garfanje, is also from the Saleeban clan. Both clans are sub-clans of Hawiye, however, pirates from these clans are not closely linked.

Sources added that the pirates are looking only for a ransom. They will not engage in negotiation, and will do their utmost to prevent any attack from another group. Elders have already tried to negotiate with pirates to encourage them to release Mr. Moore, but they ignored the attempts.

Sources have confirmed that pirates are planning to move their hostage from Hinlabi, where he is currently located.

“They are planning to move the journalist from Hinlabi. I don’t know where they are going, but it will become more clear later on Saturday," said the pirate.