Street FIGHT:
Further Fighting Overnight in Mogadishu
Al-Shabaab and TFG Officials in Dispute over Casualties
TFG Soldiers
TFG Soldiers

Heavy fighting broke out in Daynile, Mogadishu, between Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and African Union (AMISOM) forces and al-Shabaab last night, according to residents and officials.

The number of casualties is disputed, with TFG officials saying they were responsible for killing two al-Shabaab fighters, and al-Shabaab sources claiming a number AMISOM and TFG-allied troops died in the battle. One civilian was also killed in the crossfire.

TFG officials confirmed the fighting and said that they defeated al-Shabaab in the fight.

"Yes, as always, al-Shabaab launched a cowardly attack but we managed to defeat them, and we killed three militants in the process" said a TFG official, on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, al-Shabaab have claimed that they ambushed a convoy of KDF and TFG vehicles near Qoqani, in Lower Juba, during which they destroyed two armoured personnel carriers, and killed 30 KDF and TFG-allied soldiers, including a senior officer.

TFG soldiers denied that they suffered 30 casualties, reporting one dead and three injured on their side. They also claimed that their vehicles were not destroyed.

"They fired on our vehicles on the road connecting Qoqani and Tabta in Lower Juba, and then they ran away. There were no casualties, and the two vehicles were only punctured", Ahmed Deeq, a TFG official told Somalia Report.

TFG troops and AMISOM peacekeepers made major gains in Daynile in August, but al-Shabaab militants continue to launch ambush attacks on convoys in Mogadishu and the south of the country.