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Land Mine Kills TFG Soldiers
The Land Mine Hit a TFG Base in Mogadishu
Somalia Report
At least four people, among them two soldiers of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) were killed and several others wounded on Saturday after a land mine hit a military base in Banadir district near the Mother and Child Hospital, TFG officials said.

A senior TFG official who sought anonymity confirmed the incident to Somalia Report.

"It was a land mine, which was targeted at a military vehicle belonging to the TFG forces in Banadir areas in Mogadishu. At least four people died, among them two civilians and there's no doubt that the al-Shabaab is responsible for this cowardly attack," the official said.

Speaking to Somalia Report shortly after the deadly blast, TFG spokesman Abdirahman Omar (alias Yirisow) confirmed that four people died and several others were wounded in the incident.

Local residents said security forces have sealed off the scene.

"The explosion was huge and most people in the neighboring areas said they heard a loud blast, then saw ambulances rushing there," Ahmed Adde, a resident in Mogadishu told Somalia Report. The militant group al-Shabaab was not immediately available for comment.