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Peace Deal Signed To End Galkayo Conflict
Officials Encourage Maintenance Of Past Agreements
By SAID ISMAIL 11/30/2011
Elders, politicians, religious leaders and civil society representatives from Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland signed an agreement on Tuesday evening to end the conflict in Galkayo.

The meeting was held in the presidential palace in Garowe, and Puntland’s president Mohamed Mohamud Farole has hailed the agreement and called it a “victory” for his administration and the entire people in Puntland.

Puntland President Mohammed Farole
Said Ismail
Puntland President Mohammed Farole

“This is a great victory for all of us, and a disappointment for the elements that work to destabilize our region and the entire country,” he said.

He urged the population in Galkayo to support the government efforts to pacify the city.

Other representatives also hailed the deal and urged Galkayo residents to work closely with the government in order to implement the agreement.

Ugaas Ali Ugaas Mohamud thanked the administration and everyone who made the peace agreement successful; he also promised his people in Galkayo would work with the government in its quest to stabilize the city.

Former Puntland president Gen. Adde Muse urged government officials to move forward and ensure the maintenance of peace and the stability in the region. He criticized the Justice Department and the High Courts for playing their part in the surge of insecurity in the region by releasing a number of high profile criminals without giving fair trials.

He added that there are al-Shabaab elements exploiting the current insecurity in Galkayo and urged the representatives to keep a close eye on their boys in order to avoid the lure of al-Shabaab. “There are elements that wanted the agreement to fail, but I would like to thank everyone who worked hard to make this event successful,” he said.

Experts in the region believe the current climate of insecurity in Galkayo as well as in the wider Mudug region can be resolved if the representatives work hard to implement both current and previous agreements. Abdiweli, a political analyst who follows Puntland very closely, told Somalia Report the agreement would only have an impact if the residents in Galkayo are willing to work with government and the elders from that city. “Nobody can make this agreement successful if the residents in Galkayo are not working with the government, this agreement will encourage them as their elders and politicians have signed the deal,” he said.

This follows a previous peace agreement signed in September that ended fierce battles in Garsoor neighborhood in Galkayo and this agreement was to finalize the process of implementation.