Street FIGHT:Conflict
Al-Shabaab Attack Leaves 10 Dead
AMISOM, TFG Soldiers Among Those Killed
By AWEYS CADDE 10/22/2011
@Somalia Report
At least ten people, including soldiers, were killed and more than 15 others injured when the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces and the African Union peacekeepers (AMISOM) fought against the militant group al-Shabaab in the Somali capital, eyewitnesses said on Saturday.

The deadly clashes occurred late on Friday in Mogadishu's Daynile district, northeast of the city.

According to the witnesses, the fierce fighting erupted after the al-Shabaab fighters attacked TFG and AMISOM bases in Bangala, Tiida and Hola-Kalka areas which were recently seized by the TFG from the militant group.

“At least five mortars hit three different houses near Daynile Hospital and killed seven civilians and injured 15 others," Said Gayow, a resident in Daynile told Somalia Report, adding that civilians are fleeing the area.

Gayow claimed that he had also saw three bodies belonging to TFG soldiers who were killed during the fighting.

But confirming the attack, TFG military officer in Daynile, Mohamed Roble Jim’ale, claimed that his forces fought back and defeated the militant fighters and that the government had taken full control of the district.

“Last night they attacked our bases, but on Saturday morning we restarted our operations against the anti-peace groups. Our forces took control of Daynile district,” he told Somalia Report.

Speaking to pro-al-Shabaab radio stations in Mogadishu, the Islamist group's spokesman, Sheikh Abdiaziz Abu Mus’ab, claimed that his fighters had killed several TFG and AMISOM soldiers and seized military vehicles after 12 hours of intense fighting.

“The Mujahedeen attacked the bases of the infidels and their followers last night. We forced them out ... and we saw the bodies of 20 foreign troops,” he said.

The fighting has sparked off fear among the displaced, causing many of them to flee the area.

Daynile is the only district in Mogadishu, which remains partially under the control of the militant insurgent group. Analysts say if both the AMISOM and TFG forces manage to seize it from the al-Shabaab, then it would mean that the government will have taken over the entire capital from the insurgents.