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TFG Official Confirms New Drone Strikes
Al-Shabaab Base Near Taabta Village Hit by Airstrikes
By AWEYS CADDE 10/13/2011
Reports from Lower Juba region in southern Somalia indicate that drones shelled an al-Shabaab base near Taabta village, after a heavy fighting broke out between Transitional Federal Government (TFG), supported by the Ras Kamboni militia, and al-Shabaab militias on Thursday.

According to a TFG military official in Taabta village, Mohamed Hassan Bule, the drones targeted an al-Shabaab base used to train the new fighters as part of their planned offensive against the militants.

“We are aware of the operations. It completes today's operation on the group by the Somali National Forces. The airstrikes were carried out by drones from a friendly nation and destroyed a very important and large base ten kilometers east of Taabta. They used the base to train a misguided generation,” Bule told Somalia Report.

The number of casualties of the airstrike is not clear, but some local sources say local civilians were affected.