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President Sharif Opens Military Camp in Capital
By ABDIKAFAR HOSH 09/16/2011
Military Recruits
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Military Recruits

President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed today helped lay the foundation for new military barracks at a Somali National Army base in Mogadishu’s Jazeera Coast. The barracks will be used for new army recruits who recently completed training by the African Union forces (known as AMISOM) in Mogadishu.

“It is very important to empower the capacity of the Somali National forces because the national soldiers are the real caretakers of every nation,” the president said in a speech to the recruits.

“The ability to fire a gun, put on a uniform or march does not mean that you are a national soldier. Soldiers have knowledge, discipline and culture to maintain the dignity of the nation,” he added.

President reminded the recruits that the Somali people are depending on them to resolve the chaos in the country.

“The Somali people are waiting for you as national soldiers to free them the instability and foreign enemies who have invaded their country. I am urging you not lose these high expectations of your people,” he said.

The construction project of the military barracks at the unnamed camp will take six months to complete at a cost of $ 3.2 million and is funded by the European Union.

Wafula Wamunyiyi, AMISOM's deputy special representative, said that if the TFG can establish a functional military force then foreign peacekeeping forces will not be needed in the country.