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Prominent Female Journalist Shot in Galkayo
Radio Reporter Shot by Unknown Gunmen in Puntland's Mudug Region
By MOHAMED ODOWA 09/14/2011
A prominent female journalist, Horiyo Abdulkadir, suffered serious injuries after unknown gunmen shot her in the head and chest in Galkayo of Mudug region which is controlled by both Puntland and Galmudug states of Somalia.

Unidentified gunmen fired several bullets into 20 year old Horiyo, four of which hit her, as she was coming out of work as an editor and presenter with Radio Galkayo on Wednesday evening where she was also serving as a reporter for Radio Risala, an FM Mogadishu based independent radio station.

“I don’t think she will survive due to the seriousness of the injuries. She is in the hospital and several of her colleagues and family members are flooding now into the hospital,” a local journalist, Ali Mahad Ibrahim, told Somalia Report.

The suspects escaped from the scene as Puntland police forces arrived and the reason for the shooting remains unknown.

The shooting occurred in the northern part of the city which is controlled by Puntland administration.

Local journalists told Somalia Report they condemned the act of terror, but said it would not stop their reporting activities in the region.

"This is a very bad moment for female journalists as well as all the other colleagues in the media. Our occupation is becoming increasingly dangerous in recent years,“ the director of the Mogadishu’s based Radio Kulmiye, Osman Abdullahi Gurre, told Somalia Report.

Assassinations and clan violence have been ravaging Galkayo in recent weeks and across Puntland region of judge today in Bosaso.

Somalia is described the Africa’s deadliest country for journalists, according to Committee to Protect Journalists.