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Russian Naval Team Defeats Pirate Attack
Pirate Group Ventures Deep Into Red Sea
 RFS Severomorsk
RFS Severomorsk

A merchant vessel was attacked at 0627 UTC off Yemen in position 1406N 04245E and initial reports say that the a team of Russian Naval assaulters boarded the ship and cleared it of pirates.

Although it has not been confirmed, there is a World Food Program ship transiting the Red Sea to Djibouti being protected by the Russian Federation ASW warship RFS Severomorsk. The Russian vessel is guarding the cargo vessel Media Chennai carrying 45,936 metric tons of wheat for relief efforts in Somalia.

Pirates had been slowly making their way up the Red Sea as this NATO maps shows. Pirates normally ignore warships and in many case have mistakenly attacked them. In this case the rules of engagement allow naval ships to use force against attackers while in the act of being pirated. Pirates often realize their mistake and drop their weapons. In this case (and based on previous Russian assaults) the full force of the Russian commandos was brought to bear on the attackers.


This is the fifth successful attempt by Russian naval assets in freeing pirated ships. In May 2010, the anti-submarine destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov freed a Novoship oil tanker released the 23-man crew unharmed and the volatile cargo untouched. In February of 2009, missile cruiser, Peter the Great, arrested 10 Somalis, their three boats along with weapons and sent to Yemen. On April 28, 2009 the RFS Admiral Panteleyev arrested 29 Somalis and again in May of 2009 they defended Novoship tanker NS Spirit.

Here is the Panteleyev boarding crew in action.