Street FIGHT:Conflict
4 Killed in Military Clashes in Mogadishu
2 Soldiers Among Those Killed
By MOHAMED SHIIL 09/03/2011
TFG Soldiers
Somalia Report
TFG Soldiers
At least four people, including two government soldiers, were killed and six others wounded in Wadajir district of Mogadishu after infighting broke out between rival government forces, eyewitnesses said on Saturday.

“The TFG forces were clearing out security checkpoints in the area, when the government forces clashed with soldiers loyal to the Wadajir district commissioner," Mohamed Shidane, a resident in Wadajir district told Somalia Report.

“The fighting went on for at least an hour with the soldiers using heavy weapons," he added.

Following the clashes, most of the roads leading to the district were closed to traffic.

Shortly afterwards, the African Union Peacekeeping (AMISOM) troops arrived at the scene to restore order and ease the tensions among the rival soldiers.

“The aim of removing checkpoints was to improve security but was hindered by soldiers loyal to Ahmed Da’i, district commissioner of Wadajir and his deputy,” Abdi-aziz Nor, a government official in Wadajir district told Somalia Report.

Last week, infighting between government forces in Dharkenley claimed at least five people after soldiers fought over sharing taxes from checkpoint taxation resources.

In Wadajir, there are security checkpoints scattered all over where government troops and clan militias alike collect taxes from the public and trucks carrying goods, including aid supplies.

Government officials were not immediately available to comment on the latest clash.

Recently, Somalia's Transitional Federal Government's cabinet adopted a decision to abolish checkpoints in and around Mogadishu where infighting between government and clan militias has claimed the lives of many people, including civilians, over taxation disagreements.