Street FIGHT:Conflict
Grenade Aimed at TFG Soldiers Hits Kids
6 Civilians Injured as Attacker Esacpes
By MOHAMED ODOWA 08/21/2011
Residents at the Dabakayo-Madow village in the Dharkenyley district told Somalia Report that six people, including three children, were injured after an unknown attacker threw a grenade at Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces during a foot patrol in the area.

The victims, including the children who were playing in the streets under government control, were all rushed to Medina Hospital, according to local resident Farah Mo’alin.

“We were shocked by the loud blast and 6 of the residents were injured in the attack,” Farah told Somalia Report.

“The attacked happened at the evening player,” he added.

The attacker escaped and no group has claimed the responsibility although many residents and officials suspect it was conducted by al-Shabaab insurgents who are known to be hiding throughout the city.

"It was a grenade attack, but the bomber escaped as the government troops opened fire. The grenade didn't hurt any soldiers, only civilians,” said resident Sadaq Yusuf Ali.

Today's incident is the latest in a series of hit and run attacks by the al-Shabaab fighters against government and peacekeeping forces in the city.