Street FIGHT:Conflict
Fighting Among TFG Soldiers Kills 3
Mogadishu Mayor Says the City is Safe, Asks Aid Agencies to Help
By MOHAMED SHIIL 08/20/2011
TFG Soldiers on Patrol
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TFG Soldiers on Patrol
At least three people, including a government soldier, were killed and six others wounded on Saturday in Dharkenley district in Mogadishu after in-fighting broke out between Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces.

“The fighting started after a bitter dispute among government soldiers in the district,” Abdulahi Moalim, a member of the Dharkenley district administration told Somalia Report.

Residents said the dispute was sparked by disagreements about resources from the taxation of the government checkpoints and the looting of aid supplies from the IDP camps.

“The government struggles with military discipline among its troops,“ said Moalim.

Military officials and members of Dharkenley district administration arrived at the scene to mediate, but would not comment on the dispute.

Meanwhile, Mogadishu's Mayor Mohamed Ahmed Nur Tarsan toured on Saturday districts in the northern parts of Mogadishu vacated earlier this month by the al-Shabaab insurgent group. The mayor said that police stations will be reopened in the districts.

“Police stations will be opened in the districts of Yakshid, Karan and Abdi-Aziz and the police will patrol the districts vacated by al-Shabaab to restore security, law and order,” said the mayor.

The mayor also noted that Mogadishu is relatively peaceful and secure and called for aid agencies restart their operations in the capital.

“Receiving higher profile dignitaries including head of states is a good example that peace has returned and the capital’s security is reliable," Mayor Tarsan Somalia Report.

On Friday, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan along with his family and members of his cabinet of ministers visited Mogadishu to draw attention of the level of the drought and famine in Somalia.