Street FIGHT:Conflict
Snipers Kill 4 in Mogadishu's Bakara Market
By MOHAMED SHIIL 08/04/2011

Over the last few days snipers in Mogadishu's Bakara Market believed to be Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and African Union (AMISOM) forces have killed at least four people including Farah Hassan Sahal, an employee of Radio Simba, and Idiris Haji, a well-known book-seller in the market and a hotelier.

Farah Hassan Sahal was hit by stray bullet on Thursday while he and other colleagues were collecting damaged radio equipment from the stations which was forced off the air due to the recent fighting in the market.

Ahmed Abdulahi, deputy director of the Radio Simba, told Somalia Report that "he was accompanying me to collect damaged equipment for repair and I saw him fall down after being hit by a bullet."

Residents of the area have also been targeted by the snipers, according to witnesses.

“People who fled the fighting in market tried to visit their abandoned homes and others tried to move some of their property, but snipers shot and fired on them,” said Mohamed Jisow Abdulahi, an elder whose families fled from their residence inside the market.

“I have tried reach my abandoned home but fear came over me as snipers were scattered all over the rooftops around the area which is almost deserted,“ added Mohamed Jisow.

Radio Simba is located inside the Bakara Market and did not move to the other locations controlled by the TFG as did other stations like to Radio Shabelle.

Calls to AMISOM's spokesman for a comment have gone unanswered.

Somalia Report previously reported that Farah Hassan Sahal was a journalist with Radio Simba. We have since learned from the station's head of staff, Mohamed Abdullahi Gobe, that the victim was a guard.